About Us

as I can remember. From lawn mowers to go carts and dirt bikes, my interest in things with wheels slowly grew. Looking back I think I was naturally drawn to working on things and may have followed in my Papa’s footsteps since he passed away before I was born. Eventually, with my interest in cars and dad’s fabrication background, we bought an old exhaust bender and a 4 post lift and we started doing exhaust work. My dad had worked at Midas Muffler early in his career and thats how we started. That lead to me working on cars through high school and eventually also started working a public job while continuing to work on cars in the evening and on Saturdays.


After meeting and marrying my high school sweetheart, Keri, I decided to hang up my wrenches and long hours and tried to pursuit other interests for a while, but could not get cars out of my system. Along with my passion for wheels, the need for speed grew as well. Having numerous Mustangs through my early driving career one can imagine what came next. After a few too many blue lights I started off roading in Broncos thinking I would get in less trouble. Eventually the need for more power lead me to installing an old EFI Mustang engine in my Bronco in the late 90’s. After wheeling my Bronco for a while, I soon met the only other guy in town with a Bronco and of course he wanted to upgrade his bronco. I helped Tommy install a 92 Mustang GT Engine in his Bronco in his Grandmother’s garage. Through that, we became the best of friends. Once again, I was bitten by the car bug and after much thought I quit my job and officially opened Tumblin Automotive in April 2001, in my Papa’s old shop. Of course with only two Broncos in town, there wasn't enough Bronco work to go around so I kept busy working on cars from he community and I continued my new found passion of Broncos whenever possible. Mainly working on Tommy’s Bronco since he was the only paying Bronco customer I had at the time. Eventually we had done enough upgrades to his Bronco that we took it to Telco ORV Park and opened the doors to many more Bronco friends and eventually customers. By December of 2003 my automotive and Bronco business had outgrown my Papa’s old Service Station and i bought my current location in town. Continuing to push myself and my ability. I had done numerous Bronco upgrades and actually built a full blown rock climber for another customer and the word about my Bronco ability was getting out. I was soon approached by a customer wanting to install a 98 Mustang Cobra engine into a 77 half cab Bronco. Naturally I jumped at the chance, not knowing that had never been done before, I later found out that people were saying those engine were too large to be installed in a Bronco. Knowing i had already done it, I decided to do my first frame-off restoration with the same kind of engine that wasn't supposed to fit. After just 8 weeks and some long, sleepless nights, it made its debut at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA for the 40th Anniversary of the Bronco, in 2006. After that I got my first feature in Bronco Driver Magazine and was later contacted by an engineer from Ford Motor Company, turns out Bill Ford was looking for a Bronco for his 16 year old son. After some discussion on price and a few other required upgrades, the bronco was off to Michigan. This motivated me even more to continue to push my abilities.


In 2007 I did my second frame off restoration on none other than my friend Tommy’s Bronco. Wanting to up my game, I installed a supercharges 4.6 in to his Bronco. It made its debut in Moab, Utah the 4x4 Mecca. After wheeling that Bronco all across the country, we received our second publication in Bronco Driver Magazine. This lead to a relationship with the owner of the magazine and another first for us. Around the campfire at one of the Bronco events I discussed with Tom’s son, Brian, the idea of putting a 7.3 Powerstroke in his Bronco. Shortly after that they brought the Bronco down to us and we received our third publication for the finished Bronco. This eventually lead to us building a the Bronco Driver Magazine featured Bronco, Screaming Demon and that was another first. We installed a 2007 Mustang GT 3 valve 4.6 and 5 speed automatic transmission. The whole process was featured in multiple issues of the magazine and has since been at most of the main events on the East Coast. All of the publicity has lead to the national and international business we currently have today. The Bronco business and automotive business was too much for our current location which had already been added on to, so in December 2012, we moved our automotive business to another location in town. Continuing to push myself to stay ahead of the herd in the Bronco world. We are known for our products to install various engines and transmissions in to the Bronco including the new 6R80 6 speed transmission that is currently being produced behind the newest Ford engine, The Coyote. After being tired of dividing my attention between both locations, I sold the other shop to focus on my passion of building Broncos and the new dilemma of now producing products to sell to people and various venders wanting to do their own conversions. 2019 looks to be another year of firsts as we are excited to release even more new products and even cooler builds, so stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

I had a very humble beginning being raised by two hard working parents which was passed down to me. My dad worked a public job and worked in my Papa’s old service station doing mostly fabrication work after he got home and on Saturdays. We did work on our cars along with other family members on occasion since Papa was a mechanic but mainly we built trailers and any other fabrication jobs he could find. I spent time in that shop for as long