Bronco Driver Magazine #75

March 07, 2018

Tumblin Automotive broncos at SEMA  2017, as featured in Bronco Driver Magazine issue #75!

Screamin' Demon: The Marriage of Mustang + Bronco

"With the research, development and prep out of the way it was time to put the 2007 Mustang 4.6 engine in our old ‘76 Bronco.



First, a custom built set of motor mounts that would smoothly bolt the engine to the existing Bronco frame was needed. Dean Tumblin designed and fabricated the mounts for the fifth generation 4.6 Ford engine. Once the engine was snugly in place, Dean made a mold of how the headers would need to be run in order to clear the steering, motor, mounts, and crossmember. After the pattern was established, Dean was off to custom fabricate a beautiful set of headers.

Next up was coming up with a way to marry the Mustang’s stock 5 speed automatic 5R55S transmission to a transfer case. We needed to design an adapter to link the two. Staying true to the Early Bronco tradition we wanted to keep it 4WD and use the Broncos original Dana 30...."

Tumblin Featured in Bronco Driver Magazine #49

"The last question (who has the technology) was the easy one. Van and Dean Tumblin have showcased their Ford Engine knowledge in several features of Bronco Driver Maganzine. So when approached them asking about the possibility of such an Early Bronco build [sic]. They were not only excited about the challenge but confident in producing a performance-enhanced, modern day Early Bronco beast."

"Mod Motor Magicians" Featured in Bronco Driver Magazine #46

"The white mustang was shipped off to Tumblin Automotive in Laurens South Carolina to begin the engine conversion challenge. What better shop to oversee such a different attempt than the 'Mod Motor Magicians' of Van and Dean Tumblin"

On the set of Motorhead Garage with Brian and John

June 22, 2016

Featured on a Bronco episode of Motorhead Garage!

Raptor Bronco Featured in Road & Track

February 17, 2015

"Okay, so if you saw an OJ-style white Ford Bronco tooling around on Raptor wheels and tires, you probably wouldn't think anything of it, right?


Sure, any Ford fan could swap on some take-off wheels and tires from a Raptor, you'd think—forgetting the fact that the Bronco wore five-bolt hubs, and the Raptor wheels are six-hole deals.

And don't those Raptor wheels stick out a little more than you'd expect from the Bronco's wheelwells?

What you're looking at here is no wheel-and-tire upgrade. It's an entire by-gosh 2011 Ford Raptor driveline, shortened frame, and interior, crammed into the body of a '93 Bronco by the Bronco experts at South Carolina's Tumblin Automotive....."

Raptor Bronco Featured on

July 05, 2015

"It is always cool when people integrate new stuff into older cars and trucks but sometimes that program doesn’t exactly work as planned. The newer bits can be awkward looking, just not fit right, or simply be hacked into place to the whole illusion falls apart. That is not the case here because this 100% BangShift approved truck is actually a shortened Raptor with a 1993 Bronco body lowered down on top of it. To say that this idea is genius level would be understating it. Like the Ford we showed you last week on the Dodge chassis, this is one of those rigs that is a little hard to define because we’re not sure if it is a Raptor turned Bronco or a Bronco turned Raptor. Either way it is really awesome.

The truck has the full Raptor suspension, the 6.2L Boss engine that makes 400+ horsepower, and all the rest of the goods that make the Raptor pretty much the coolest factory truck you can buy these days. Going the extra mile, the builder Tumblin Automotive also added detail touches like the orange marker lights in the grill, and other stuff. Like the Ford over Dodge deal we showed you last week, the most impressive thing for us is the interior! Who knew that it could be so well introduced into the gut of a Bronco?! It looks right and we can tell you from personal experience that the seats are comfy as hell!

This is 100% BangShift approved work here and we’re only showing you a little. Watch the dyno video below and then click the link to see tons of photos that show all of the details involved with this simply killer conversion."

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